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Sandy Carter

Montreal-based Low-level Rendering Developer.

Sandy Carter

Sandy Carter is a low-level Rendering and an Open Source Linux Developper from Montreal with over 5 years of working experience. As both an in-house and freelance developer, he has several years of experience with planning, designing, developing, packaging and maintaining applications. Sandy loves Vulkan, C++, software, Linux and Python.

He has previously worked as a Mixed Reality Renderign API Designer at Vravana and as a Odoo developper at Savoir-faire Linux. As a hobbist Open-Source developper, he has contributed to dozens of small and very large projects including git, systemd, blender, OpenMW.

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Current Game Dev Project

SCarter Engine

Standalone Game engine with both Vulkan and WebGL backends compiled with clang and emscripten respectively.

This engine uses lua scripting as the main driver.

The main purpose of this engine is to have a test bed for rendering techniques and A to Z implementation of every subsystem of an engine.

Source is private for the time being.

Old Game Dev Projects


An ENet wrapper for networking with the Ogre3D graphics engine.

OpenMW contribution

An unofficial open source engine reimplementation of the game Morrowind.


A Unity3D game prototype presented at the 2013 Ubisoft Academia inter-university contest. Stream is a 3rd person puzzle game that uses short-distance teleportation and time travel as a mechanic to solve puzzles, borrowing visual elements from Dead Space and squad management from Rainbow Six.

SCarter Engine (2013 Version)

A GTK3+ based glsl sandbox. Includes particle effects, glxgears, morphing shaders and an implementation of the Doom 3 MD5 mesh and animation system.


An XNA, turned to MonoGame puzzle game that combines the quick shape matching of Tetris with addictive multiplayer elements.


ZTE N762 (Roamer)

A port of the roamer device to cyanogenMod 7 according to the CM porting instructions.

CMDevCenter contribution

A GTK based application that facilitates fetching the source, contributing patches and compiling CyanogenMod for various supported CM devices.